About This Author

Per Kamperin, Stockholm banking regulations and compliance professional, has worked in the industry for decades with a sound knowledge and practice in banking regulation, stakeholder liaison challenges, compliance, investment banking products and corporate management. Per Kamperin has gained his extensive knowledge in these areas at the following prestigious institutions:

· Executive Management Program, Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm, Sweden

· Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA), Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm, Sweden

· International Trading Institute, Chicago, USA (Advanced derivatives pricing and trading)

· Master of Science in Business and Economics, Gothenburg School of Economics, Gothenburg, Sweden

Per Kamperin, Banking Professional
Since 2013, Per Kamperin has successfully utilized his skills and training in the industry as an Independent Banking Professional. To this end, he has held a number of key responsibilities that have furthered his career development in the following capacities:

· In-depth knowledge in a highly regulated industry; regulations, governance, policies, data and reporting procedures ensuring regulatory compliance and business performance.

· Strong knowledge of investment banking products, ALM

· Ability to comprehend and delineate structural problems within an organization.

· Analytical nature with a passion for complex challenges and an ability to deal well with ambiguity.

· Diplomatic liaison with extensive history of collaborating with a wide array of stakeholder groups.

· Excellent communication skills (written and verbal).